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I think you either love this or it makes you crazy.  I love it and it is something I would do....  I'm guessing the majority here wouldn't...


Image result for new industrial living room pictures


What say you?

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Re: Picture placement...

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I wouldn't.  LOL


I would put something rectangular over that couch, not square.  I like things centered too. 


I love the coffee table!

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I'd be looking for something to fill the blank space.

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It would drive me bonkers lol!

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I don't like anything about this room - the style, color, or the placement.  It feels like it might be in someone's basement and I would be waiting for some creepy person to show up . . .

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That room is gorgeous.  I think I would tilt my head for a few days and would then see it as perfect.


That lamp would be great for reading right there.


I love the color of catbird feathers - a deep chalky "charcoal".  There are elements of that here.  Wonderful!

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This picture placement would bother me.  This picture looks like a man’s cave in someone’s basement.  Just being honest.

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Too "unbalanced" for me.  Room looks lopsided.  

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The room is cold.  I don't like anything about the picture placement.  I would want it centered and hung lower.