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  I like it.. why, because I'm an old hippie and it made me smile.

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I do like the colors, they're fun & bold.  For a barn though, hmmm.  When I first saw it, it reminded me of colors for a story book.  In our neck of the woods NE, I just can't invision these colors on farm property.  I'm so use to the red or brown barns.  Maybe if this was on a secluded area, it would work better.  Thank you for sharing.

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Route 45, not far from State College. Close to Centre Hall.  Awesome barn.

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ETA.....round barn in PA.

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I have seen a small barn similar to this.  It has been converted in to a flower and gift shop.  It makes me smile when I pass by it.


It closed during the pandemic and so far hasn't opened up.  I have always wanted to stop in, but I might have missed my opportunity.


I like the barn posted and wonder what it is used for.

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I think it is unique and creative!  I don't think I would have that much color and design on a house/barn.  But if were driving by this barn, it would bring a smile to my face!

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I live in PA-barn central! Especially the further West you go! I'm on the Eastern part of the state. Probably within a 20ish min drive in several directions there are barns galore! Plus some closer here & there. Unfortunately a lot are torn down for God awful humongous homes on postage stamp lots or worse-warehouses!

So to me...this is a breath of fresh air! They kept it, looks like it was remodeled, and painted something bright & cheery. In my book-that's what I like & a win win all around!!

I do like traditional barns too!
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If I were driving on one of the country roads in my county and saw that barn in the distance, I'd definitely smile. To me it says whimsy.

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Cute but no thanks. To busy for me to look at every day.

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No, it doesn't make me happy whatsoever. It's hideous and an eyesore.  I do love the door though.

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