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Looks like one of those plastic play kitchens they make for little kids. 

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Definitely color overload! This is a lot of neon l color!

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It reminded me of a Barbie playhouse!





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i really have nothing good to say about this one!!!

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Nope!  You wouldn't need coffee in the morning to wake up.  

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@wilma wrote:


What do you think? 


It’s way too much neon for me. Even one of those bright colors would be too much on large surfaces like counters, walls, and cabinets. A few neon bowls, platters, & vases for fruit and flowers would be enough. It looks like the adjacent room is fairly neutral in color. Maybe they wanted something brighter to offset that? 





i think i could do this. but swap the pink countertops for the orange wall. (orange countertops, and a pink wall where the orange is)  BTW we are in the process of redoing our kitchen. avacado, orange, yellow and white. very retro, with multi colored mosaic pulls. still trying to decide on countertops, and flooring. it will be colorful.

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WOW!!!!  IT'S JUST TOO MUCH!!!!............😮

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Too much neon!