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I am too old to deal with this bed. Even if I was young, I wouldn’t want it. I can’t imagine having to get down and crawl into it each night and then try to get out of it in the morning. I guess one good thing about it is it’s a short fall if you roll out of it in the middle of the night. 🤣LOL





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Nope. Would need knee pads to change the sheets and make the bed.

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@Hellcat64 wrote:

Nope. Would need knee pads to change the sheets and make the bed.


🤣😆 LOL! 

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Maybe if I were a young child or a teenager but even then I think I wouldn't want it.

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Like I said about one of the others... pointless... not pretty to look at and doesn't appear to offer a restful setting...

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Can just imagine the dogs leaping on this plus the grandkids lol no just would not work for us.

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Of  the three beds this one is the least offensive to me.  But all three are contenders for the "design a weird bed" competition.

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John Lennon had one in the movie  "A Hard Day's Night".  (I think it was.)    HIs was just built into the floor, without the platform, which I now see, now that I am a grownup,  as a terrible hazzard

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i find this quite interesting.....i would try it out.

maybe it is a choice for a smaller living space or bedroom?

of course, if you have trouble getting yourself up off the ground then it may be an issue.

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No, just no!