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That's one jazzy room!!!!

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Others have said it best...


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Well, it's a kitchen I will never forget!

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Funky! This one will wake you up in the morning. Why would someone do this? The room beyond the kitchen looks so calm and peaceful. Showed this kitchen to my 6 year old granddaughter. She thinks it looks “simply amazing” and asked if I’m buying that house. 😄
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This is a no for me!

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To busy for my eyes

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Not for me, I like to wake up gradually in the morning while I have coffee, not be jolted by these colors added to the caffeine!!!!!!!  LOL

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My kitchen is blue, gray, & cream. I can't help but wonder what my grandmother would think of my kitchen. Would she find my colors shocking? So I guess what I'm saying is that I can't say "never" because with design continuously evolving, there may be elements from the posted kitchen that become popularized in the future ... just not now for me. I do like the boldness someone has with this kitchen creation.

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Just awful...Neon ..No Thank You.

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