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Imagine having a hangover and walking into that .. yikes

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I just burst out laughing.........they can't be serious!! Smiley Surprised

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@CrazyKittyLvr2 wrote:

Nope!  You wouldn't need coffee in the morning to wake up.  


Good one! LOL! 😆

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Looks like a toddler play-kitchen after looking at it again.

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@Peaches McPhee wrote:

Looks like one of those plastic play kitchens they make for little kids. 

@Peaches McPhee  That's what popped in my mind first!  The colors didn't look real.  They appear to be Lime Jello Green and Pepto Bismal Pink.  Ugh!!!

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One question, Why?

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I could get used to the green cabinets if there were granite countertops.  Plus, I'd need to lose the orange walls.

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After looking at that kitchen I now want some rainbow sherbert ice cream and cotton candy. Woman LOL

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Wow!  Talk about from one neutral room to the "extremely loud " room ... NOPE