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"Town and Country Living" featured this traditional, very pretty house on a lake in Minnesota.




I was so taken with these two little photo bombers, who appear throughout.  Floor's nice too!




Lots of "vintage" and antiques in this house.  I absolutely love the way the homeowner continually mixes metals, like the silver tray and bowl with brass swan and lamp.



Also like the lively mix of textures, like smooth metals, nubbly antique baskets, faux bamboo, wicker.



Coffered ceiling lends interest.



More metal-mixing.  Water birds are a recurring theme.







The traditional, glass globe pendant lights are so appropriate to this kitchen.



These two amigos again, lending coziness to the den.  Those sweet little faces.



An oval-appearing room!  Because of the curving, ceiling- level book case visible in mirror.   In addition to her swan/duck collection, she seems to collect vintage "shell art" boxes which you can spy here and there.







The house has a warm, New England kind of flair, which I can appreciate even though I tend to like slightly more eclectic interiors, and ones with not quite as many objects.  Her use of vintage brass and silver, wonderful old baskets, and antique books and paintings scattered around, gives such a cozy vibe.

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@Oznell   Thanks for posting these!  All these rooms, imo, are to die for!!! I really can't find one thing I don't like. I'm ready to move in!  Now, I'm going back to see them again to be sure I didn't miss anything and to get more idea's for my own home.  There's a lot to take in here.

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I'll take it!!! This is a beautiful home! Nicely decorated, not over the top, but very elegant.

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Beautiful home and I like @jubilant could move right in.  Of course there are a few things I would have to bring with me but its so well done.  Don't miss the stair carpet, love it.  Thanks @Oznell To me this is a real winner. 

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There are so many things I love about this house.  It is an elegant, yet comfortable home.  I am partial to many accessories in a home, which add so much interest and personality.  

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Light and the back yard view.  Lots of curvilinear design elements throughout the home, which is graceful and elegant.  This is a peaceful, comfortable home.  I'll take the adorable pups, too!

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Very pretty!   I especially like the outdoor space. I love sitting outside by a lake on a sunny (not too hot - maybe in the 70s or low 80s) summer day.  The hydrangeas are beautiful. 

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@Oznell   I love absolutely everything about this house!

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I love this beautiful home. It's warm, welcoming, pretty, light, airy, soothing colors...everything I love!

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There are things I'd change, aren't there always Smiley Very Happy but overall, I adore this home. They pretty much had me with the soothing patio, the lake view and the hydrangeas, and it just got better from that point. 

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