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Do you like large front porches?


I’ve always loved and wanted a large front porch. I would love to have room for chairs, plants, and maybe a swing! My porch is so small and tiny. There’s barely room for one flowerpot.


Here are 2 photos of houses with porches that I like. I also like the exteriors & architecture of these 2 homes. 








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Yep, always loved large front porches....beautiful photos! Woman Very Happy

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Re: Large Front Porches

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I do and I don't. It depends on the house. Both of these are attractive houses. My personal preference is for a more private large screened-in porch, which probably wouldn't be desirable or attractive on the front of the house.

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Yes I like large front porches.  I really like the 2nd house and the porch.

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Growing up I once went to a two story house that had a 2nd floor "porch" that went the entire circumference of the house. The house was on a couple of acres. The view was spectacular and had these luxurious rocking chairs, about 4 to  6 on each side of the home. I wanted to have that with my large immediate family to gather someday. It was never to be. Im single, no kids but what a memory! 

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Myfront porch is nice, but I wish it was larger, maybe in my next life. Sigh.

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I also love big front porches. I would decorate it so much. Every holiday and it would never end. 

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Since I was a young girl I have always loved front porches.  I lived in the city so it was out of the question to have one.  When I looked for a home in the suburbs later in life I hoped to find one with a big front porch but didn't have any luck finding what I liked in my price range.  Decks were the thing at the time.  I still love front porches and would take the second house in a blink!!!!!!

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@spider woman wrote:

  I lived in the city so it was out of the question to have one. 

That's strange.  I grew up in the city too.  In the neighborhood(s) I grew up in, every house had front & back porches.  Some open & some enclosed.


After I married & moved to a city in N.J., I was shocked the houses had no front porches.  Looked funny to me. 

When we bought a house "in the burbs" we added a front porch which we kept open.  The added back porch was enclosed. 

The 2nd floor of the house had a deck which ran the length of the house.  Our house was the only one in town w/porches & a deck.


I currently live in a 55+ community.  Each building has wrap around porches.  The back porches are screened.

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