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Re: Junk Gypsy Gals

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I just took a look at what was on the show and nothing appealed to me.

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@aroc3435  You are right, we are moving within the next year or so. Thanks for remembering! We happen to have children and in-law children who are very handy, so they can replicate most of those items. I was very close to buying that donkey pillow for my DD, but her donkeys are right outside her front door, so...

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I don't this is gong to last long -- way too pricey for what it is.  Can do better at garage or estate sales.

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Nice to see some different offerings on the Q.  As always some may like it and others won't but no line is going to appeal to everyone.  

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I missed the show but reviewed the products.  How interesting!  To me all of these items look like modern reproductions of furniture and decor made in the 19th and 20th centuries. 


Well, since we mainly collect and use only original antique furniture from those time periods, we are ahead of the game.  All our wood is walnut and oak, very sturdy and almost indestructible. 


I notice the type of wood they use is not mentioned...

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Hmmmm.........I already have a lot of that old "junque"

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Just checked out the items on the show and it looks like they raided my grandmother's house.  

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Nice to see a different line. Nothing caught my eye but I didn't watch the entire show. I did hear that one of the items, and I can't remember which one now, wouldn't ship until mid-July. At least it would be paid for by the time it arrived Smiley Happy I've never heard of these girls before.

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Love them.....but way too pricey for me.....are they kidding.

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Re: Junk Gypsy Gals

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I saw the show and was surprised at how many things sold out. Not really my taste either. A big donkey picture? That sold out too.