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Re: I just finished decorating for Fall!

On 8/15/2014 rosehill said:

Bobby K! Good to see you. Hope all is going well with you.

JPC~oh of all the luck. And, to have a trial that is grisly to think about? Yuk. I often wonder how law enforcement, and prosecuting attorneys can have a normal life, when they know what people are capable of. My brother in law who passed 10 years ago was a prosecuting attorney for 20 years, and a judge for 2 years. He would sometimes tell us details of certain cases that had closed, and it boggled my mind. Hope it's over soon.

Good morning rosehill,

That is exactly what I thought when my name was read but they still had to get rid of 12 so thought I would surely go but not meant to be. Yep, I think I could have handled a murder trial than one pertaining to kids and sexual abuse. He didn't do the abuse but possessed the pictures he obtained from another source.

I wonder how a defense attorney can defend these people and law enforcement having to deal with it right off the bat. In the years I worked at the police dept, I heard lots but never saw pictures etc. It is now over and didn't take us long to find him guilty. After that was done, then the judge told us that it was his 2nd offense so he will be doing prison time now. They couldn't tell us about the 1st offense during the trial as they didn't want to sway us and it had nothing to do with this evidence. Hopefully if I ever have to serve again, it won't be a case like this. I have been on jury duty several times but never chosen. This is my 1st of serving.

The judge did tell us that during the trial we couldn't discuss it with anyone, go on the internet to look it up etc but after the final decision, we could tell anything we wanted. So that is why you BIL could tell you after it was over. I am sure the judges hear it all too and have a hard time sleeping after presiding over some trials.

Hope you have a good weekend rosehill.