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Re: How to keep towels soft?

I don't use fabric softener because I was told it takes away the absorbency.  I do use fabric sheets in the dryer and not sure if they have any affect on them.  I am not doing the vinegar thing.  I just purchased some really nice towels from Target by Nate Berkus, the designer.  Nice weight, not too heavy and soft and the price was exceptional on sale.  Now I know he offers quality towels, I will purchase from him again.  I bought 3 bath and 2 hand in white.  I love white towels.  Cat Very Happy  I am in an apt. so my floor is rather strange and I have a white shower curtain with med. gray trim from Pottery Barn and I use white towels and sometimes gray and the walls are off white vanilla.

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Re: How to keep towels soft?


I really don’t see how the temperature of the water would make a difference in how things feel. I HAVE to wash towels in the hottest water possible and dry on high heat. Some people say their towels don’t smell good. I believe they need to be disinfected and rinsed well. I put a little natural germicidal in the wash. My towels always smell clean and fresh. 


I have gone to people’s homes and their towels stunk. I would never say anything. 


The heat of water in the wash and dryer can effect fabrics and their feel. Heat can be very damaging to certain fabrics, and today's towels aren't made like the ones of old, so it could easily be a factor in damaging the fabric and effecting the feel.


That said, I wash towels in hot water anyway!