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Help. Need a new mattress and box spring.  My old old old Serta Perfect sleeper was great but has worn out.  I see many "box" mattresses advertised.  Know anything about them? I am in my sixties and a widow and think I might need firm, although no back problems.

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@chihuahuamom  I don't know anything about the box mattresses.  I bought a new Sealy a couple of years ago and am happy with it.  


Do a little research before you decide on a firm.  Firm is not what is usually recommended for backs by orthopedic surgeons.  A medium is what is usually suggested.

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I would try the mattresses out to see exactly what kind you need. Most stores will let you lay on them. There are so many to choose from. Good luck.

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Buying a new mattress is really a trying experience.  DH and I went through this 2 years ago.


Some ideas to keep you sane:  make a list of things you like and want in a new mattress; make a list of what you do not like and don’t want.


Take a buddy with you who is knowledgeable about mattresses.  Wear very comfortable clothing as you will be trying out a lot of mattresses.


Give each one you try out a grade and what contributes to that grade.  Take the business card from each person who helped you.  Make sure you can identify the mattress(es) with the salesperson.


Ask for special discounts: holiday sales, senior discounts, military discounts, etc.  note the prices on your master mattress list.


Do not make a decision that day:  it will become very confusing and frustrating.  Later in the day, go through the graded mattresses and decide which ones you want to try out again.  This will help you narrow the list.


Don’t be afraid to go several rounds...different stores, brands, etc.  Don’t let them pressure you into a decision.


A few years back we were redoing the bedrooms...we went to the Raymor & Flanagan Outlet.  There were so many mattresses all in very dusty thick plastic.  We saw one that looked about right....salesman told us to drive down the street and try out that brand mattress in the R&F regular store.   Not only did we buy the king mattress but also the queen size version for each bedroom.  That had to be the easiest purchase we ever made.


Moral of the story: after you narrow it down, take a look at the big name store outlets.


What will absolutely drive you crazy:  impossible to compare by names.  They can change with every store !


Good Luck searching....



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I don't know what you mean about a box mattress, the only box mattress I know about is the one under the mattress I sleep on.



I prefer a very luxurious pillow top with a firm mattress.  I'm in  my 60s, don't know if age matters.


Some mattress stores are still having their President's Day Sale pricing.

Buy local and shop around.


The next mattress I purchase, which will be soon will be a mattress that works with an adjustable base.

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I stick to Sealy and Beautyrest mattresses, and have never been disappointed.   I only look at the top 2 models, and make sure there is at least a 10 year warranty.  


I deal with a local furniture store where I’ve bought every piece of furniture for my home, so when my daughters Beautyrest mattress failed big time, management was very helpful in helping me replace it.   Luckily I had my store receipt, and after I supplied pictures, the factory asked me to cut the tags off the mattress and the store sent those in for me.   Due to the length of time the mattress had been in use, I received a pro rated amount that was applied to my new purchase.   

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Help. Need a new mattress and box spring.  My old old old Serta Perfect sleeper was great but has worn out.  I see many "box" mattresses advertised.  Know anything about them? I am in my sixties and a widow and think I might need firm, although no back problems.

@chihuahuamom- do you have anyone that can help you get the mattress set up?  My DH and I are in our sixties, too.  We did a lot of shopping and research before buying, but two years ago this summer we purchased a compressed hybrid mattress from Wayfair.  The cost was so inexpensive one might be turned off, thinking it couldn't be very good for the money, but let me tell you, we are delighted with it.  It is more comfortable yet still supportive, than a prior mattress set that we paid over $2000 for.  Everynight when we go to bed we have an "ahh" moment, and remind ourselves how much we love it.  The mattress is by Classic Brands and is the 14" Gramercy Hybrid.  If you look it up on the Wayfair site, you'll see all the positive reviews yourself.  This particular mattress does not require a box spring.  If you have one and prefer to use it, you can but most people use a platform base.  The mattress arrives to you compressed an rolled in a box.  You will definitely need the help of a couple of people to carry it to your bedroom and help you get it unwrapped.  It takes at least a full 24 - 48 hrs. to expand.  I can't say enough good things about this mattress.


If you need more information, let me know.  JLF

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Go with what you like....I've heard a lot of unhappy people who purchased pillow tops.....  You really have to try them out....and tune the sales people out they will try to talk you into an expensive model ..... my sis fell for that and she got a pillow top and she was MISERABLE......she went to a Mattress Firm store, they had a nice variety from which to chose, she bought a medium priced mattress without a pillowtop and she's very happy.  A friend bought the Tempurpedic adjustable because she had surgery in her shoulder and she is not really happy.....So word to the wise is take your time and try them out....

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When I say "box", I mean the kind that comes in a roll and you just unwrap it and it settles out.  Thanks for all your advice-I will think about what you said.  My plan is to buy an iron style bed (my bed has also fallen apart) and think I will need a mattress and box spring.  I have read things about mattresses and the more I read, the more confused I get.  But thanks-you've helped me.

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I suggest u go to a local mattress store - that only sells mattress, not mostly furniture. Go to Yelp to check out the various stores in ur area - and you'll see which salesperson gets great reviews. Then, u could call on the phone to make an appt with that person. Last June, I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest, Silver,. Luxury, Firm Queen Mattress. It was regularly $1,300 and salesman gave me $300 off - memorial day sale. So I paid $1,000. It says Firm, but the salesman told me it's Medium Firm. I'm 77 yrs young - and I find it to be very comfortable. The mattress is taller than my previous one - so they special ordered the box spring - from 6" down to 2" - since I'm short. Make sure the mattess/boxspring isn't too high for u to climb in comfortably.

Ask the salesperson what they recommend - give them some idea of what ur looking for. The first thing they'll ask what price range ur looking for.

Even if it's not a holiday weekend, always ask "what's the best price can u give me." I always got free delivery and setup ---- and they took my old mattress away.  Never pay full price. It's negotiable.

You could also check out 1 or 2 more stores in ur area - for comparison.

Definitely lay on the mattresses -- it's not easy to decide in a few minutes - but it's better than not trying them out.

The salesman at the local store where I purchased my mattress told me that there's a free exchange after one month of trying the mattress -- up to 3 months after -- if I'm not happy. That's a good policy - but I was happy.