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Re: Has anyone ever gotten anything from

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Yes.  Many of my friends with homes on the Golf Course purchase many items from there.  Thought I would give it a try and have been very happy.  Looks good in my old shack also.  Smiley Sad   Furniture so far has been excellent quality.  As good as I see at the Furniture Market.

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Re: Has anyone ever gotten anything from

I just ordered from Wayfair last week for the first time.  They had an end table that matched my coffee table at an excellent price with free shipping. 


It needed assembly, but was super easy.  The whole thing was packed securely with styrofoam in a heavy duty box.


I received it much earlier than the target date.  Received in about 3 days and I'm a happy shopper. 



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Re: Has anyone ever gotten anything from

@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

@Desertdi wrote:

I perused their site last night (quite by coincidence).     I couldn't find anywhere that they said whether the furniture is delivered fully assembled.    (I hate it when I get a "box of parts" of anything.............

@Desertdi  Assembled furniture would take up way too much room on a FedEx truck.  The furniture we've purchased from Wayfair has required assembly at home.  All have been relatively uncomplicated.  One cabinet, however, was missing some parts.  I called and they had a new packet of parts at my door within just a few days.  

@JeanLouiseFinch    Thank you for clearing that up for me!  di

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Re: Has anyone ever gotten anything from

Yes, for several years.  Excellent customer service, product quality, pricing, and delivery.  Complete customer satisfaction.

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Re: Has anyone ever gotten anything from

About 5 or 6 years ago (or maybe longer?) we needed a corner TV stand for our bedroom.  I wanted something in a wood that would match our bedroom furniture.  Couldn't find it in any B&M stores, so turned to online shopping.  Sure enough, Wayfair had exactly what we were looking for.  There was a bit of assembly required, but not too much.  It looks great, and has held up well.  I would definitely order from them again.

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Re: Has anyone ever gotten anything from

Yes!  I started buying in the fall and I love it!  We moved into a new condo and decided to freshen things up a bit, nothing big and I didn't want to spend much money.  I started with new towels and a new shower curtain for the 2nd bathroom.  The towels were inexpensive and I was uterly shocked with what I received.  The towels were luxuries, they kind you find in upscale hotels.  Thick and rich and amazing.  Tjhey came beautifully wrapped in tissue and tied with ribbon.  I tell you I paid what  you would pay for towels in the dollar   Well, then I bought set of dishes for my daughter who recently bought a house.  Again I was very pleased.  Then I bought sheets....well....I am on a  I just love Wayfair, I have several boards of things I want to buy.  It's easy, fun and they are reliable.