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Re: Fall decorating question

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I've always decorated for every change in the season. I live in Chicagoland where embracing the season is what everyone I know has done . My Mom also decorated. I was always excited to see those little bunnies come out to the coffee table knowing the Easter Bunny would be coming soon and Spring Break from school was too. I don't decorate seasonally to up or outdo anyone. I get true joy out of it. 

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Re: Fall decorating question

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A lot of your Home Decor magazines have promoted Fall Decorating and they have some gorgeous Front Porch Fall Decor.....I have also seen some neighborhoods where everyone has their porch or some area in the fromt decorated as well.


It looks really nice, but the most I do is change out my Door Mat, put some Pumpkins out and change out my wreath as far as the outside goes.


I do decorate my kichen for Fall, but not overboard, mostly just my table, I put out my Pumpkin dishes and my pumpkin decor.....


I enjoy doing it, and I don't do so much that it becomes a chore! Just enough to acknowledge the change of seasons! 

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Re: Fall decorating question

I know that where I grew up in the 60's and 70's, no one decorated for fall. There might be some carved jack o lanterns on the porch close to Halloween, and a  very few people did up some scary stuff for trick or treat on the front lawn but even that was very few and far between. 


It seemed that outdoor fall decor was first to come along. Corn stalks, hay bales, scare crows, mums, pumpkins etc. Then it seemed to move inside. 


I know Halloween decor has exploded and sells almost as much as Christmas decor, but I don't have any or do any Halloween decorating, and really never have. 


I do decorate for fall, mostly indoors. I love my fall decor, and I love that it is up for sometimes almost three months. It makes it worth the time, because it isn't up and back down in just a few weeks. It usually takes me just a couple of hours to put the stuff up.


I have three plastic tubs that hold the most of my fall decor (everything except for the door wreaths) and I have updated and made it a more elegant look than in years past, and have scaled back. I intend to never have more than those three tubs, and maybe scale back to just two eventually.


Several of my pieces are large (anyone remember the mosaic glass lit pumpkins from Plow and Hearth a few years ago? Those are my favorite!).


Indoor/Outdoor Illuminated Mosaic Pumpkin | PlowHearth


Indoor/Outdoor Illuminated Mosaic Gourd | PlowHearth


I set these inside some wreaths and they are really nice!


Most of my adult life though, I didn't do much fall decor. In fact, for many years, the only fall thing I had was a small candle holder from Avon with a squirrel on it. 

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Re: Fall decorating question

I have decorated for Fall and Halloween for years but not as much now. I put out some Fall things in my kitchen and family room but nothing over the top. I decorate mostly with soft tones and lots of copper in my kitchen. 


I love the oranges and russets but I cannot decorate with them.....too much for me.


I have enjoyed my decorating more this year than I have in a long time. 

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Re: Fall decorating question

When I was growing up my mom only decorated for Christmas. I now also decorate for fall and Halloween also. I do enjoy it.Of course as I get older I do less,but whatever I do gives me pleasure. 

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Re: Fall decorating question

Always have. I love fall. Went to a farm nearby. His displays are amazing.