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"Flower Magazine" pulled together all their favorite flower arrangements in houses they'd shown in 2023.   There were tons of them, some understated, some elaborate, all lovely.  Thought I'd toss just a few of their bouquets this way: 


1).  Antique Bellport, New York bureau,  with its simple burst of Black-eyed Susans.   Side note, love the old-fashioned ivory dresser set on top-- so nostalgic!

Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 6.01.32 PM.png


Oh, I should mention that they don't identify all the flowers or settings here-- I'll try to list at least some of them, if specified...



2).  So bright and airy--  blue and white chinoiserie is a perfect counterpoint to pink blooms...



3).  Wow, something about green hydrangeas, especially with the green walls and amber vase...



4).  A silver ice bucket makes a shimmery receptacle. 



5). In an "Out of Africa" themed bedroom-- dried palm fronds, yellow and blush roses, white mums, monstera leaves.  Accented with a mysterious owl!



6).  Lacy branches in an oversized entry hall basket bring in the outdoors and say welcome.  The size and rusticity really 'makes' the arrangement:



7).  Love the way the tablecloth print echoes the real blooms!   Jasmine, tulips, roses, many others.



8). The flower arrangement in this Tennessee foyer is so pretty, but the idea of putting those glossy green magnolia leaves below, that really grabs me:



9).  Pink brillianthus, Icelandic poppies, and other flowers I can't remember!   The chinoiserie vase, and little flanking bowls of apples,  charming.




10). Amaryllis, roses, ranunculus glow beneath the luminous Italian painting:




11). Rose, sunflowers, scabiosa, amaranth:


Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 8.33.44 PM.png




12).  Hydrangeas brighten the dining room in the Nelson Galt house in Colonial Williamsburg...




13). The editors dubbed this tawny creation, "Tuscan Sunset",  elegant --



14).  Hyacinths, ferns, clematis, roses for dining.  I like the heavy, cut glass receptacle.  The unexpected green candles look great with this.




15).  How cheered would you be to encounter these mums and dahlias ( echoing the wallpaper) in this charming powder room??





What are your favorite flowers?   Mine are daffodils, pansies, gardenias, lilies of the valley, peonies, zinnias, ranunculus, lilacs, roses, tulips, magnolias, oh the list goes on... 


There are lots more on the site, by the way--  if you, too, like to see all manner of floral arrangements, just search--


Must See Flower Arrangements of 2023  Flower Magazine

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Those are all beautiful arrangements.

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I love the pink and white flowers in #9 and the deep rich colors in #14.


My favorite flowers are Gerber daisies, followed by roses...


Beautifull arrangements @Oznell thank you for posting...

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@Oznell  #9 is my favorite! The colors, different textures and lengths. But my favorite flower is the Peony.

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They are all very beautiful, some quite formal for my taste, but all gorgeous.

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Those are so stunning. I like hydrangeas. When I got confirmed, every confirmand got a potted hydrangea. I'm not a fan of roses because if their scent. Lilacs and peonies beautiful too.

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So many luxurious arrangements!

My favorites are white daisies with green center,

roses, especially white  and white with pink or light green edges, and bright orange or ballet pink.

peonies, carnations, and parrot or ruffled tulips which I discovered a few years ago.Flaming Parrot Tulip Bulbs:Parrot Tulip

Thanks for showing all these beautiful flowers @Oznell.

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@Oznell  Those pictures and all the flowers are so beautiful.


I love so many flowers and my husband has been busy planting and potting them, now that it is warm enough here.


For perennials, we have two sides of a hill, covered with Lily of The Valley, Violets grow on our front lawn, a wall next to the house has cascading lavender colored Flox. A flower I fell in love with at six years old, is Bleeding Hearts and we have five bushes of them with their lovely stems of pink heart shaped flowers. There is a large red Azalea bush by our back door and pink Azalea in front.


Another favorite is a large French Lilac that I planted 40 years ago. We cut them and bring them into the house. The fragrance

is just lovely. We have a green/white Hydrangea out front,that was here when we moved here in 1978, still blooming every year. In June there are purple Irises and tiny white roses, next to the garage, that have been blooming each year, since 1978 also.


At the side and back of the house are Hydrangeas that are purple and some that are blue. My husband planted those years ago. The pine trees made the soil acidic and turned the flowers purple.


This week my husband planted Coral New Guinea Impatiens,

and pink and white Impatiens. He potted five pots of salmon pink Geraniums and a large pink Hibiscus. He gets me a Hibiscus every year, since I fell in love with them in Bermuda,

in the 90's.


It isn't flowers, but he hung five Boston Ferns on the porch.


We love plants and flowers.


I posted "Porch is Ready" a couple of years ago in Home. You can see the porch with some Geraniums and the Boston Ferns

that we hang up each Spring.

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@Enufstuff ,

Your garden of flowers sounds so beautiful I wish you could show some pictures? I picture them in my mindSmiley Happy

"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"
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Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangements @Oznell. I love the variety and colors and truly believe there is a floral arrangement for every style, taste and occasion!