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@on the bay   I'll take some pictures, before the Lilacs, Flox and

Lily of The Valley and Bleeding Hearts are gone. I'll take some others also.


In the bar at the top right, where it reads "Search Forums & Blogs, type in Porch is Ready and you can see the picture I posted before. I just looked it up and it is still there.

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@Oznell WOW!!😍 I am a floral fanatic, and LOVE💝 every photo! I seriously cannot pick a favorite.😁  I am mesmerized by the fancy fusion of floral delights. What stands out the most to me is the BEAUTIFUL❤, abundant bursts of spring colors; they made me smile.🥰 The peaches, pinks, creams, and orange complement each room.✨


Of particular note is the lamp with the white shade, and clear body; quaint yet elegant! The light fixture in the foyer caught my fancy, and I can see myself dining at that BEAUTIFUL❤ table with just the right amount of natural light peeking through. The ornate design of the chairs, and the interesting pattern on the cushions complement each other nicely!👍


There is just SO much that romances the eyes.🥰



THANK you SO much for caring to share these AMAZING photos this evening💝! I absolutely LOVED them!🤗


~~~All we need is LOVE💖

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Thank you! I saw it!

So pretty and just how I would want my porch too-white wicker blue cushions-so lovely!



yes gerber daisies too-all colors are so beautiful and striking.

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Peonies and gardenias are my favorite flowers, love the scent of both.  


All of these stunning photos of flower decor and arrangements are so impressive and elegant, I found each and every one perfect .  If I was surrounded by such beauty, I would be so impressed. 


My niece sent me a bouquet of peonies for Mother's Day.  She also bought me a book about Peonies.  I love looking at them in a clear vase on a table in my living room.  Also my peonies are blossoming out doors!!!

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Thanks for the beautiful pics!

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@Enufstuff, And I would love to see pictures of your home gardens.  Everything you touch is done to perfection.  I would love to see pictures of your Lily of the valley plants.  They were my grandmother's favorite flowers.  I treasure having her favorite pin of this flower.


@Oznell, Thank you for all you do to add beauty to our days.

Every arrangement is so lovely!  Now who was it who said 

"The earth laughs in flowers"?  

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Who doesn't love flowers? I just cannot even imagine! There is absolutely so much to love from the colors, formations, aromas, those with leaves and the shapes, shades of green.


Yes these arrangement are all stunning.


@Oznell   thanks so much for sharing such beauty in nature!

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I absolutely love all the flower comments of every poster on the thread.


@Enufstuff  ,  you have a whole hillside of lily of the valley, how wonderful.  Those delicate little bells are always calling to me...


When you cut your lilacs for the house, do they last very long?   When we cut our lilacs, they smell heavenly, but seem to be the most short-lived of our yard flowers.  My favorite of our vintage shrubs is an overgrown deep, deep, striking reddish purple variety of lilac-  I prefer it to the paler lavender ones we have.  But it grows behind the garage, out of sight most of the time!


Thanks for reminding me of carnations, @on the bay ,  another one I forgot to add to my long, long list of favorites.  Love their spicy scent, and they're my birth flower, no less ( at least on some nostalgic "birth flower" charts.... love that stuff!)


How super to receive beautiful peonies from your thoughtful niece for Mother's Day, lucky @spiderw  ! 

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I LOVE ❤️ this post!  Flowers are one my all time favorite things.  Whether wild or cultivated, I love them all!  They bring so much beauty to our homes.

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@Oznell  Today I took some pictures of both sides of the hill where the Lily of The Valley grow. I'll have my son help me post those and some other flower pictures.


  I love Lily of The Valley, my birth flower for May. It is amazing to me that such a fragrance comes from those very tiny blossoms.


  Your birthday must be in January as two of my daughters' are.

Last January, my oldest daughter just wanted a vase of pink Carnations for her birthday. I went to the florist and they did a lovely vase of pink Carnations and Babies Breath. It seems to me that the new varieties of Carnations don't have quite as much fragrance as they did years ago.


  You are correct about the cut lilacs not lasting long. They only last a few days, once cut. Since it is a tree, aside from just cutting, you need to smash the cut ends of the stems with something heavy, so they can absorb water.


  I put them on a paper towel, placed onto a cutting board. I have a can opener with heavy handles that I use to smash or crush the cut stem, for about an inch in length, just enough for it to split open. The blossoms can last longer if you remove some of the leaves too.


  Your dark reddish purple lilacs must be beautiful. You are so lucky to have both colors. I only have the light ones.


  When I was in high school, there was a house near ours that had three lilac trees next to their house,one white, one dark purple and one light. Those trees just about reached the second story of the house. They must have been there for at least 50 years, to grow that tall. Just gorgeous.