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I like it leads to what looks like the outdoors.  Everything else from the gold trim on the ceiling to the floor has to go.

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21st century Liberace.  

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To me, this room represents a homeowner who didn't want to be bothered so gave their designer free rein.  It also represents a designer who was all about showcasing progressive design skills,  giving little-to-no thought about the room ever being used -- notice there is almost no allowance for traffic flow.  


I also think it is quite ugly and especially dislike the mix of art and photography.

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Dreadful! Not into chandelier's.

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I don't think too much of it.


The wall color is good, like the fireplace (reminds me of a French apt), but the furnishings must go. I like green, but those chairs are too bright. Plus the chandelier lampshades stick out like a sore thumb. Everything is competing for your attention.

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Why is the fireplace being ignored by the green chair?  Striped sofa seems glued to the wall.  No flow to the room...just too much stuff in the way.

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Looks just like my living room , love it .

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I don't like it but the picture of the little girl on the wall looks just like a picture of me as a child.LOL

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I could live with that, I appreciate all styles of decorating.

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I dislike the wall color immensely- I've seen enough peach and mauve in my day to last a lifetime. I think if the walls were a different color it would make a difference in the look of the 'eclecticism' they are trying for. 😐 IDK, maybe. Lol