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Re: Dutch Door

I had one years ago in a cottage sytle house and it was a pain. Of course, I had small kids and pets so that might have influenced me.  

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Re: Dutch Door


I love the style of a dutch door (& these colors as well).

That said, I would never have one in the NE area, it wouldn't be practical.

I really like having the storm door for the colder weather & the interchangeable screen.  I can't imagine opening the top portion & letting in all the bugs.  A couple times in early/late summer, we get all those black knats.   

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Re: Dutch Door

I've always believed every good kitchen needs one of these! LOL


I admire them in old shows and movies all the time. 


On the practical side, they are always shown without screen doors, and look so perfect that way, but in practice, that would be a buggy (and in our area, birds and bats) mess. 


So I guess if I ever live on a Hollywood set, I'll get one of these! LOL