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Re: Dutch Door


Always wanted.

All those '60s "surburban" movies had homes with DDs!

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Re: Dutch Door

@SilleeMee wrote:

There was a door like that where I worked. It was there to make it easy to hand out supplies while having a level of security in place with the lower half of the door closed. For me a door like that is more utilitarian than it is aesthetically pleasing.

Yes, the files and supplies room where I worked for years had a door like that.  The top half was kept open.  If you wanted something, the files clerk would get it for you; you were not allowed in the room.

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Re: Dutch Door

We had one growing up too. It went out to the deck. It was alright.  

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Re: Dutch Door


Like the door,  really like the colors, the furniture, and the rugs.

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Re: Dutch Door

I like it but it all depends on your decor.  Looks good with country or a contemporary with a little country (you know, that Pottery Barn look).

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Re: Dutch Door

@Kachina624 wrote:

I always wondered how you keep flies out.

@Kachina624                           !

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Re: Dutch Door

Love the look of Dutch doors, we had French doors in our home.  Haven't thought of those in ages.  They could be open or closed (cooler weather) to keep air flowing or to shut out cool drafts.  

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Re: Dutch Door

The bedrooms in the house I grew up in had Dutch doors.

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Re: Dutch Door

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My Aunt had one when I was a child and my friend had one..both going out to the garden. I LOVED them and wished we had one.

They didn't call it a Dutch Door but I can't remember what they called it. It is driving me crazy.


I just remembered my Aunt and my Friend called theirs a Stable Door.

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Re: Dutch Door

I know someone who has a dutch door in the kitchen.  If you open it, you step down one step and turn left to go down the basement stairs or turn right and exit the side door.

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