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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

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I read this but don't always add to it but I am still purging.  It changes every year...some things a person hangs on to and then the next year it is time to move out.


This January I started in my storage closet as I put holiday items away.  I bring out my snowman items during the month of January and some I did not use .   Going to go through and have my daughter see if she would like any and what she doesn't want I will put in my fall donation box.  


I did at Halloween and Thanksgiving time as well.  Down sized a lot of items and my daughter and her family are enjoy now as we did when I used all those things at our home. 


I have my boxes ready for different places I donate to.  Some will go now and some will wait for the correct time again.  


But today I am going to start with some mail and shred the bag I have been saving up to do.  Going to organize my clothes closet as well.


Just a laid back day for me and got all my cleaning yesterday completed.



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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

Coming on to the website I noticed they're advertising storage solutions on the main page.  I was for a second interested and thought, I don't need to store, I need to purge!  I'd love to join in on this thread.

I have clothes from as far back as the 80's, yep.  The old REAL denim that you can no longer purchase but they're 4 sizes too small.    I'd love to purge my closets, I have three big ones full to the brim, all different sizes lol  We moved almost five years a go and I did purge a lot but couldn't let go most.  So that's my next goal.

Last week I organized my craft room, something I really haven't done since the move.  I did not purge much but the organization left me with several containers that I no longer need.  Down in the basement they go if/when we ever move again. I'd love to get rid of them but they're expensive and .... well you see my problem here!

Happy new year everyone and happy decluttering!  Looking forward for inspiration.



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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

Wow, this has taken off with a bang right at the beginning of this New Year!  


Welcome to all the new posters and those that may read but not post.  It's always great to "see" new faces and perhaps get new ideas, but even if you just lurk I hope that we can be an inspiration (or even an inspiration of what not to do!😉).  The trick is to keep at the decluttering thoughout the year, even if it's just one small thing here or there.


The biggest thing I have to remember is what @aprilskies has mentioned: to keep things from coming in first and foremost.  This past year I have realized even more how much I want to really simplify my life.  A lot.  It's not complicated to begin with, but there is just so much I don't need or want in order to live each and every day.


As for anything I have gotten rid of that I now regret, I can't say there is anything.  I have thought of one thing--well, several actually--that were a set.  I kept one of those items for sentimental reasons, but from time to time I think of how it all looked with all the items together, but I don't regret donating what I did.  I don't miss dusting them and if I ever do move from here I won't have room for them all.


And now it's all on me.  I don't have the excuse that my husband or kids wanted it.  Prices for everything are going up so fast that will be a good incentive to watch what I buy.  Even for my pets, which I often use as an excuse for buying stuff.  

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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

Good morning and Happy New Year.


How nice to see all the activity here to start off the year.


I actually kind of like having just the one thread through the year, it gets lots of traffic, is easy to find. This is really about the only thread I visit on this board, at this point (of course, that may change at any point), but whatever others want to do is fine with me. I'm sure I could find the thread if it's broken up into smaller segments, too.


I'm taking a "slug day" today. 2021 was a busy, busy year for me. I hope I can soon work up the energy to start another whole house purge, it's time, but we'll see. 

"To each their own, in all things".
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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

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Last year was productive, but, as we all know, stuff seems to linger and multiply!


However, my big project of clearing our floor-to-ceiling bookcases was a great success.  Most of the books are gone and I will clean and reorganize the shelves with the books that remain.


As the year came to a close I went through all my pots and pans and cleared out a great many that were just gathering dust.  My double pot rack is now much easier to see and use.


Weather is rainy right now, but I will set up some boxes in my garage and add to them as things accumulate.


Looking forward to another year of, as I call it, "cleaning out like someone died."  Cat LOL


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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

I've seen this topic for a long time and never looked at because it looked overwhelming to follow along. Now that it has started fresh and has just a few pages to read thru, I'm jumping in Smiley Happy  I've moved alot and needed to sort things, so mostly what I have, I use.   The area I struggle with this time of year is pulling out the financial records for the old year and setting up filing for the new year. Increasingly more records are stored online but the stuff from 25 years ago isn't! I've researched how long you need to save records but it seems like much of it depends on your comfort level. Any thoughts on  how long to keep these types of records? (property, tax, health, insurance, etc.) Thanks!

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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

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Well ladies....lit a little fire under me and as what often helps...started where it is easy..

Just got rid of all outdated baking and pantry goods. Still have more to go through, but the baking stuff (I don't bake that often, so things like corn starch, baking powder tend to sit there too long)...I freed up good space up there and will update next time I bake. I have plenty up to date items like sugars, flour, baking soda. I'll replace the things I do need when I need them so they don't sit there before I need them.


Making some lunch "lentil soup" Italian culture "lentils for luck" in the New Year. I also did the 12 grapes/wishes at midnight last night.


Anyway, after lunch break...continuing to clean, going to go through freezer next, which is pretty up to date, but the door has too many baggies of "fruit for smoothies"and herbs, that have been sitting there too long now, or if keepers, can be consolidated. 


I also had some seasonal live decor, still from fall, mixed around with holiday...time to go; tossed little pumpkins I still had around. Bag and recycles ready to go outside soon.


Going to just randomly straighten up, clean and toss today...just to get things going!


Update: Just did the freezer, old dried up iced over baggied fruit, out! Only the fresh stuff I've just put in there stayed.

*Note to self: make more smoothies in 2022!


Did another pantry cabinet, dumped old items in the way back...iodized salt I no longer use, as I use more natural sea salt  (thought I'd be making a natural salt scrub with it...oh...circa 2013! yea. no. I don't even like the Josi Maran nice stuff I've used! And a bag of old coffee I didn't like but always think is good for plants....really? is it??)


Tiny steps today when there's so much to really be straightened up and stored...but like I said...starting easy today, as it does get the motivation going.


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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

I cleaned out 3 kitchen drawers today. Plenty got dumped, and "newish" will be donated.  How many pickle/olive forks and rubber spatulas does one couple need?

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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

Started the New Year by moving out just two items: 1 small knitted throw blanket to donate  ( received 2 nice, new throws for Christmas) and tossed a nearly empty bottle of in- shower moisturizer.


I am going to try to fill a bag each day during January of either trash or donations. Mostly small bags, but 30 bags (after today)

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Re: Declutter 2022: What have you purged today?

What I accomplished today was two big bags of mail shredded.  My daughter uses in fire pit.  Few items of clothing that belong to my grand daughter that she took home.  No big deal and lives next door.  Her clothes come and go and so does mine.  She has fun borrowing.  


I organized my one closet and purged 6 sweatshirts I never wear.  I washed them and put in box for donation.  Better shape so they will go to place for women.   Going to do sweaters tomorrow.


I made a list of all the areas I want to hit to keep me rolling.  Organizing I'm pretty good at, but it's time to move more of the organized stuff out.  That is where I need improvement plus keeping it out to begin with.