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Just beautiful!

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Thank you.  I try not to be critical to offend anyone's opposing differences/tastes.


I do recall maybe a few months ago you asked me about what does interest me (or something to that affect.)  I do realize my taste is much different than most people here but I also enjoy engaging in the conversation.  I always appreciate the time & effort it takes you all to post your photos.


Wishing you a great weekend .. Smiley Very Happy

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Gorgeous and so elegant.

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Gorgeous "bones" as another poster & love the molding & woodwork. I'd change out decorations & wallpaper to my tastes though & having a runner carpet on such a gorgeous sweeping curved/fan design bottom staircase does it no justice. If the stairway were linear it would look better.

I'm all for quality vs. quantity & it's a shame contractors got greedy (though what do you expect) & started building all these cheap as possible homes large & small that need major things replaced 10-20 years later that older homes don't. Plus cheap cabinets & fixtures. It's just a mess & why so many want to update & change so much in what are to me new/er homes!

I'm actually going room by room as I can afford to remodel/refinish/upgrade with the highest quality in my mid century home. I'm willing to wait at this point to get things done right & the payout is amazing so far!!
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I'm sure someone has looked at this picture and said "Dated".




To me, "dated" is synonymous with cozy, welcoming, homey, and sweet memories. 

And it doesn't even matter what the dates of "dated" ARE!


So I can love ANY era of style, except maybe not fashionably current. 

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My most favorite style of home