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I have been away from this forum for awhile due to surgery and life in general, so I am trying to catch up on all my Home and Holiday topics. I am  glad so many are still posting pictures of homes and decor ideas. At my age, I keep thinking I need to keep doing more downsizing, but then I see these beautiful pictures and my brain is racing again to decorate. I mostly look for just one little idea in a picture even if it is not my style of decorating. Right now, I am focusing in on any lanterns I can see in inside or outside decor. Have way too many of them from QVC and need to incorporate them into rooms more instead of switching out differnt ones. So thank you to all that post home and decorating pictures. They are great.

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welcome back!

I always love seeing everyone's decor pics and reading how one "declutters" or "downsizes" because someday I hope to master this skill😉

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It is fun to look at what others post @nomar. Right now, lanterns are my favorite. It's so easy to change them to fit the season. My neighbor gets a seasonal napkin ring to attach to the top of hers.

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@nomar  Welcome back and hope you're doing well.


Yes, I love to see all the photos people post on this forum.  Keep it up everyone!!