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Hmmm, I would of done a white ceiling,

with black above the trim piece on the walls to the ceiling only.

I would do all hardware in bright shiny chrome.


i would lose all the plants.


I would definitely lose that ceiling light fixture!,

with all the ones out there to chose from, there are far better choices.


And, instead of a zebra rug, I would use a bold black and white check,

or a black and white bold stripe. 


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Although I like black ceilings in certain applications (restaurants, for example), I don't care for the ceiling of this bathroom.  I also dislike anything that resembles animal skin (real or otherwise.)  I don't think I would mind the rug as much if it were rectangular.

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I pretty much LOVE this room.  There are a couple of minor things I'd change like a more substantial light fixture and replace the rug with a geometric type print.

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No to black paint in decorating Not a fan. Really dislike the rug & light fixture. 

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I like this room with the exception of the rug.


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I love it.  I would have used a really wide crown molding at the ceiling and not the strip lower.  Then painted the wall up to the molding beige, and the crown black.

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I  would replace the rug, over head light fixture, and add larger plants on the window sill.

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I do like it but I would put a larger light in the ceiling, this looks just way too small. I'd change out the rug for some color. I do like the plants on the sill, I'd add more as the sill looks large enough to handle more.


Overall I'm tired of the black/grey/white color pallette, it's lived out its time.

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I kind of like it, but that ceiling is screaming for a chandelier.  That rug must go!

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LOVE it!  I'll take it!!!Smiley Happy