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emilie fournet interiors bathroom. Black ceiling in the bathroom. Panelled walls in the bathroom

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@lolakimono    I don't dislike this bathroom.  I would, however,  like to see better overhead lighting since the ceiling is black.  I would also use a different bath rug....with some color.     That one looks like a dead zebra. 😀

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@lolakimono Dislike everything in this room. Hate black in a room, can't stand zebra stripes or any animal print and I don't like that type of bathtub.


I do however enjoy and appreciate your posting all of these decorating ideas! they are fun to see, even those I don't like!

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I love how it looks.  Could never have it in my home, though.  At my age that tub would be too hard to navigate.  

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I love this! I don't like the rug, or the plants on the window sill. 

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I like every thing in this bathroom, BUT the ceiling, and the ceiling light is too small for this room.

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Re: Black Ceiling Bath

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Looks to be a waste of a nice larger space bathroom. I don't like anything about the way it's done. Nothing at all has any appeal.

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Not horrible, but far....very far from good.

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I like it, but I'd replace that rug.