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Beautiful room - beautiful view.  


Definitely not for me ... I have a thing about too many windows.

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I like the window seat.

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My kind of room! I love it.

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Not fond of it - way to open.  I could not relax and sleep in that room.  Rustic wooden blinds that pull down are needed!!

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I would have to put something on the widows to close while sleeping. I cannot sleep with light coming in. It would have to be something that I could open during the day to let all the light in.

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The view is a plus.  I also like the sliders & bay window - not loving so much wood & the darker colors of the decor.  I'd really need to lighten up the room.

Thank you for sharing.

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This room is an absolute NO for me; I don't like the wood or decor, as it gives me a dark, heavy vibe.

As for the view, I've have that for 46 years here; from every window on the back of my mobile home, as well as the back windows of this house. Outside of a rattlesnake, I've seen every type of wildlife native to WV out my back windows.

I want my bedroom to be dark and cool like a cave. I achieve that with aluminum foil on my windows and blackout curtains in the summer, lined drapes in the winter. This bedroom is just not for me.
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Nice room .. very calming 😉

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@DiAnne    The bedrooms and bathrooms, as you mentioned,  would be the only two necessary  places in my mind for curtains or blinds.

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It reminds me of a cozy get-away in the mountains. I love lots of wood but would probably add a little (not much) more color in a throw or pillows.