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I really love the window seat!  The views would be amazing!  However, I don't like any windows that don't have any sort of blinds, etc.  Doesn't mean you have to have the wonderful windows covered but I want that option!  

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This is gorgeous............but again, I would need window coverings.

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Nice and cozy and very warm feeling-perfect for a Getaway!

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Perfect Winter Vacation Home in the it but for a Vacation Home only.

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I'm ready to move right in.  Just change that window seat to a low antique chest to hold sweaters.

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Nice warm cozy cabin vibe, though I won't deny there are things I'd want to change, the addition of window coverings being one of them.

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@sxmgirl Charming and rustic, what's not to like?  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's beautiful but I'd only want it as a vacation rental in the mountains and also it would need window treatments of some type.

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Too much wood.  I'm not a fan of log cabins.

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I love the view of the trees but the colors in the bedroom are too dark.  It needs to be lighted up

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