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May be an image of indoor and tree

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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I like everything about this room.

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What a warm cozy lovely appealing room!!!!  The view is calm and soothing and there isn't anything I do not like about this room. It is perfect for me!!!!

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Beautiful room; perfect for the setting.

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Great for a Winter getaway!

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@sxmgirl Love it!  I could be very happy in that room.

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Very beautiful - but wouldn't you be concerned about ''peeping toms'' ?  I don't see any curtains....which by the way, I think would ruin the looks of the whole room. Maybe there are hidden blinds somewhere?!?

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I don't have any curtains/shades that close in my house except for the bedrooms and bathrooms.  There seems to be a privacy issue here. 

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Only ones that may show up at the window are  opossums, raccoons, deer or mouse  . If don't discount larger  animals   like bear