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Yes, I know every year this is discussed and yes, stocking stuffers can get expensive.  Men are the hardest.


My girl friend and her family decided not to exchange gifts but are doing stockings...friend has purchased for the women, but is having trouble with the men...have you come across anything unique/different that is not to much money?

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Gummy candy


Lottery Tickets




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I'm really glad you posted this.  Doing stockings is a great idea. I'm curious to see what men's gifts people recommend as well. The men I know are tired of manicure kits lol. 

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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

have you come across anything unique/different that is not to much money?

Every year, adults & children get.......

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 5.31.37 PM.png

They are always stuffed w/toys from the past like jacks, yoyos, bollor bats, old fashion X-mas candy, bazooka bubble gum, etc.


$1.00 /2pk- Dollar Store

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Travel toothbrush holder, gel pens, scratch off lottery tickets, flashlight, hand cream.

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@Mom2Dogs   I still do stockings for my husband and grown son, who still lives at home.


  Men are harder to buy for than my girls were.


 These are the kinds of things that I get:  Shave cream

                                                                  Moisturizer for men

                                                                  Eucerin cream for

                                                                      winter dryness

                                                                   Lip Balm

                                                                   Tube of hand cream

                                                                   Emery boards

                                                                   Cough drops


                                                                   Tooth brush



                                                                    Magazine or

                                                                puzzle book

                                                                    Favorite candy or


                                                                     Comb or brush


                                                                     Small flashlight


                                                                     Lifesavers or mints





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How about swiss army knife or money clip?


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Re: Stocking stuffers

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pocket knife


movie theatre tickets

small joke book


trail mix


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@Mom2Dogs   Last year I gave my son and son in-law one of those "Guard Your ID" stamps from QVC.  Amazon has them too. Since they both drive a lot I put things for the car like trail mix, hand sanitizer,lip balm,  travel wipes, lint roller, multipurpose utility tool, small first aid kit.  Just practical things. 

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Men are way easier to buy for!  They like about anything you get them:  Knife, knife with holder to clip on belt, new tools of any sort, tape and all sorts of ties and clips for electrical cords, little or big flaslights/work lights, candy, little bags of nuts, socks, books or "stuff" about their favorite team, a new cap, golf tees or other golf ephimera, water bottle (one with a sprayer has delighted mine), and some kind of good hand cleaner, those sets of grease and shop rags, etc etc etc.