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I don't care for them - I think they look mean!

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My daughter and I had a tradition of going to the Nutcracker every year so I have one that goes on the mantle.

I also have Clara and the Mouse King ornaments.

I enjoy seeing them every year as a reminder of such lovely memories.


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I’ve always wanted one. I’ve never found one that spoke to me. 

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I was never crazy about Nutcrackers, but over the years I have found myself buying them from time to time. 


I have a traditional Nutcracker that I keep in my classroom.  We read The Nutcracker and listen to the music.  I always take it out to show to the students.  Most of them have never seen one before.


I have a white and silver one that I keep in my dining room all winter long, as it goes with the blues and grays in that room.


I also have a bar in my home.  I found a really cute Nutcracker that is serving wine on a platter.  I thought it was fun and festive for the season, so I bought him and keep him on the bar.


My older daughter really wanted a Nutcracker we saw at Hobby Lobby.   It is a Christmas Countdown one.  She has that one displayed in her room.


My husband and I also bought two light-up Nutcrackers from the Christmas display section at Home Depot a few weeks ago.  They were cute and the price was right.  They are now flanking our front door (outside).


I guess we do have a place for Nutcrackers in our home after all.  🤣

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I've seen some cute ones but overall I'm not a fan. The ones I saw were in a place I was staying in once and they had the faces of cats and dogs. Sounds strange I know but really cute.

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1 and 3 are OK. I am not a Nutcracker person but my son is. He has maybe 8 or 10.

They are just not my thing.

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