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 I have two. I have a small one that counts down to Christmas and I have a tall one that I got at sam's Club. 

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Around the corner from my office someone has decorated a large electrical box for Christmas - they included several nutcrackers (they look like wood, but I can't be sure, looking from my car).  It is festivive, but  I hope no one steals them.  

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I don't but grand daughter gets one each year since she began dancing in the Nutcracker Ballet at age 4 so it will be #8 this year.

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I love nutcrackers, but sometimes one, maybe two, is enough. Particularly with the larger items.

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Years ago I worked at a Christmas store and there was a room with just Nutcrackers. People loved them. I spent my paycheck on the Carolers. Just gave some to my daughter in law. 

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Have never liked them.

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Remember this being a standard at Christmas  as was  attending  or watching on TV a performance of the Nutcracker ballet . YouTube has a few performances from 1960's .

My Mother  bought Nutcracker's for each of  her grandchildren  for a couple of yrs in a row. My Daughter was afraid of them  when she was young so I used to have to keep them stored away . Finally , I had to ask my Mother to please not give her anymore .

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I have never liked them.

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I love those pictures!  Gorgeous!  I adore nutcrackers and have a lot of them.  However, I don't have any big ones as I don't have any space for them.  

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No.  It's not that I don't like them or like them.  I just don't like to decorate with them.  However, my husband put 2 on each side of our front door.  They're not as tall as the ones in the first picture but I know he wants them.