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Please let this metallic and neon bags trend END very soon!  I am ready for something else.

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I suspect, since metallic shades have been around for years, that they're not going to end anytime soon. 

Are metallics and neon the only options? 

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If you don't like metallics and brights....don't watch those shows.  Problem solved.  You're welcome.

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Metallics have made another  resurgence . First seen in 1930's by film stars Jean Harlow and Joan Crawford .  Were popular again in 1970's , who can forget the Disco craze.

 Then again in 1990's  with metallic colors and geometric patterns.

 So, like animal prints they resurface in popularity ever so often. I hold on to some good  vintage pieces to  give a 2nd life to.

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Some of us were just born to be BRILLIANT !!!!

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Love Metallics keep them coming....

Always in fashion.

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It's been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to add my two cents regarding metallic handbags. They are indeed enjoying a resurgence right now, but I also think that they are always in style. I have a metallic bag by Gigi New York, a great accessory company based in Long Island. The model I have is the Chelsea Crossbody in the color Platinum. The strap can be detached so the bag can also be used as a clutch. Very versatile - can be worn with jeans or a cocktail dress. Below is a photo of my Chelsea, paired with my Bzees Niche canvas flats for a summer casual look.  As a FYI,  Gigi New York handbags are genuine leather and made in the USA.



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I don't think I have any metallic bags, but I do have several pairs of metallic shoes ... actually several pairs of identical metallic shoes.


LandsEnd water shoes - silver metallic.  Everytime the silver in my size is on sale, I buy another pair.  I think at the moment, I have five pairs.


Women's Water Shoes, Front

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@MissRose722  Lovely metallic purse and perfect color match with the flats Smiley Happy! I like the contrasting gold hardware on the purse and the tassle! Smiley Happy