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I am considering getting either a small backpack or convertable backpack purse. The convertable lets you use it as a shoulder bag or backpack. Does anyone out there use one? I’m talking about a smaller leather fashion backpack (think Brahmin or Coach) not the kind you travel with that is made of cloth.  TIA

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I actually do not see the purpose of a backpack "purse."  A crossbody IMO is much more practical but I do see a fair amount of those backpacks.



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@kaydee50 wrote:

I actually do not see the purpose of a backpack "purse."  A crossbody IMO is much more practical but I do see a fair amount of those backpacks.



I do not like the idea of having a backpack purse.  It seems it would be easier for someone to get into from behind.  The crossbody is a better idea for hands free for me anyway.  

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I don't like the idea of my purse being behind me.  When you want to get into it you have to take it off, and what about when you sit down?  Seems like it would take pick pocketing to a new level as well.

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I got a convertable travalon purse about 5 years ago.  I use it when I go to Williamsburg.  I have the important things zipped in a pocket inside which makes it difficult for someone to get into without me noticing it.  I can carry everything I need for a day plus moderate purchases.


There is a museum that does not allow backpacks so I convert to a shoulder bag and carry it in.  You should have seen the look on the woman's face at the entrance desk when I did that.  She couldn't deny me keeping my "purse" with me.

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Backpack purses = Professional & amature pick pocketers dream purse.


To each its own.....

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i travel with a slim leather backpack. i much prefer it to a crossbody. i don’t like the feeling of a strap across my torso. 

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Thanks everyone, I pretty much decided against getting one. Someday I will find that Goldilocks of purses.

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@Meowingkitty Try LL Bean.  I have a couple that I love and have had for years.  I like crossbody bags and backpack bags.  Mine is pretty streamlined and does have a zipper on the top but I would surely feel if someone tried to get into it.  The pocket zipper is what is against my back so no entry there.   I really like the more even weight distribution on my back and shoulders as I get older.  

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Re: Backpack purses

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Actually I bought a black backpack recently by Rebecca Rominkoff (they have other colors) and I love it. It is light but can hold a ton of stuff. I had the same concerns about someone walking behind and opening it. If you look at the picture, the clasp at the bottom can be used at the top thus preventing that. It has a zipped pocket inside as well as another pocket.