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Saw this outside, and I think that might be a tomato worm?




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It looks like a cabbage looper to me.   

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Out West, we call it a tomato hornworm--they will eat your tomatoes and leaves. They can't hurt you, so just pick them off your plants and dispose of them when you find them.

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I agree with @cindyb806 .  I also hand picked and tossed into the dumpster.  If left unchecked they will devestate your tomatoes. 

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Re: What Is This?

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If that is your photo, it's a tomato hornworm, the larvae of a moth. Pick them off, bag them & toss out.  Look carefully among the leaves of your tomato plants. But if you see white dots on the top of its head, a parasitic wasp has laid its eggs on it so when they hatch, the wasp larvae have food to eat.

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