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On 10/20/2014 zippyliverpants said: I think she's going to The Fashion Police, and I think Joan would be pleased about that. It makes sense, the timing of her announcement, and it matches what I think her ambitions might be. Its definitely in her wheelhouse and for that, it would be worth leaving a 20 yr gig. I remember Lisa's first on air appearance. She's paid her dues for those who don't remember her selling Quacker and flashlights, etc. She deserved whatever qvc gave her, that's what companies are supposed to do to reward top salespeople--give them better jobs and more money. And now its time for her to move on. As I don't think she'd just leave, this makes sense to me. Let's see!

I can't imagine she would do Fashion Police. Does anyone outside of QVC know who she is?

And Fashion Police feels mean to me. I can't really see Lisa feeling good about being mean.

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If I had to guess, I'd say she'll be a vendor on QVC.

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It wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't go into more designing. She probably has a lot of contacts and that's probably where she's heading.

She's ambitious so that would be an adventure for her. She doesn't have anything to tie her down so she can go and do whatever she wants. The world is her's.

She enjoyed having a lot of input on the Gili line so that's my guess.

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Time will tell. Lisa won't, nor should she. If it were any of our business, I am sure she would have said where and when we'll see her again. But she did say "see you soon".

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JMHO, I think it has something to do with Joan Rivers organizations in New York!

I thought about her working with Leslie Blodgett, but she is in CA, and Lisa is a NY kinda gal!

Whatever it is, she is moving on to bigger and better things, and it won't be info-commericals, that is for sure, and I wish her the best of luck!

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California here she comes.

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On 10/20/2014 kurious said:

My guess is that she's going to the vendor side.

And as a result, we will see her selling her line from time to time on a shopping channel.

Great thought. Makes sense.

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The reason I can't see Lisa doing FP is that Joan was the head of that show. She held center court. I just can't see Guliana R., Kelly O. and George K. taking their cues from Lisa as the newbie (especially Guliana).

Plus, Lisa is funny but she is not a comedian like Joan. As much as I dislike Kathy Griffin, someone like her is needed for the show to continue in the same or a similar vein, IMO.

They might as well just revamp it completely or shelve it at this point.

I also agree with others that Lisa is just not that well known if you don't watch QVC on a regular basis. There are about 317 million people in the U.S. Probably only a small, small percentage of that watch QVC regularly enough to know who Lisa is.

People who have no idea who she is will not be interested in seeing her on FP, not in the lead chair anyway.

Just my take on it.

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On 10/21/2014 RibbonsRosesRainbows said:
On 10/20/2014 kurious said:

My guess is that she's going to the vendor side.

And as a result, we will see her selling her line from time to time on a shopping channel.

Great thought. Makes sense.

Unless she has something better that has been offered. I think she was offered something she couldn't refuse.

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GILI belongs to QVC. She's not taking that line anywhere unless QVC sold it or licensed it to her. It's likely she has a no compete clause in her contract with QVC, so we won't be seeing her soon if her new career involves selling products on TV. I'm going to miss her.