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Re: When You Wear Flip Flops............

The thing about feet and shoes ,that I've expereienced is not all styles work for everyone.   However, if you try enough pairs on, you might find a pair that works.  


I don't think what you describe is how a shoe that fits should feel.  My feet have a narrow heal, a high vamp and the right is a smidge smaller than the left.  UGH!  But with all that, I do have a lot of shoes that I love and fit really well.  I just have to look for things that I know work for me.  Flats, slides and flip lops are hard to find. I struggle to keep them on my feet!


I did buy a pair of flip flops just yesterday.  They have a band that goes across the vamp and that helps keep my foot in.  They are "Italian Shoemakers" brand. The style is "Becca" I bought at DSW for $39.99.


One word of caution-- they were marked size 8 1/2 on both the shoes and the box.  But they are a size 8.  It was a weird coincidence that I tried them on.  Then I was confused and compared back to back to a size 8 in the same shoe.  They were the same. Just mismarked.   

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Re: When You Wear Flip Flops............

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I wear thong flip flops by Crocs daily around the house, for me flip flops are more comfortable than wearing slides.