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What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

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Hello fashion friends.

Played around with a newly thrifted jacket and new footwear and a few follow-ups on outfits from the last two threads...

#1 The thrifted Chico's cranberry linen blend blouse: The outfit I posted last week was with a dark indigo jean and navy peep toes. I mentioned (on the Q thread) that I was having some problems deciding what bag to carry and what shoes to wear with this cranberry color. I like this outfit much better.

AG Harper mid-wash jeans, thrifted pink checked Converse Chucks, and red leather SAK. The pink Chucks and red bag aren't a match, by any means, to the cranberry, but I think they "go," and the overall affect is lighter and more casual for early fall.

#2 The ruana that I tried to make into a shawl two weeks ago is now a scarf. Believe it or not, some time this week, I'm going to make this about 3-4 inches's a slight bit too wide, which makes it thicker, and I just want a pop of color and an understated scarf that doesn't overwhelm me or my outfit.  I'll get it right eventually hahaha.

#3 My girlfriend gave me these fabulous cowboy boots (they don't fit her and only wore them a few times). Circle G, handcrafted in Mexico, diamond design snip toe in dark olive leather (burnished, crackled, distressed or mottled, take your pick) with black trim and gold and beige embroidery. I've wanted real cowboy boots for years and years, but never found any I liked or that I could afford. Granted, I wanted red, but I love these and they work with my black and white neutrals. I truly wish @lolakimono was still around because she posted sooo many pics of red boots back in the day for my consideration (trying to enable me haha), and I think she'd be pleased to know I finally got a pair that rivals some of those in her collection. I miss her!

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Random online pic...

#4 The boots go with red, too. Thrifted Talbots anorak military-style jacket.

I hope all you lovely women have a great week!

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

@MacDuFF  Great boots!


I agree, Lola was good at finding treasures.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

You look great as usual and I absolutely love the boots! 

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

@MacDuFF  Really love all the outfits this week. Every one is a winner.Smiley Happy


#1 - The cranberry shirt, sneakers and handbag are a perfect blend. Just enough contrast of color to make it interesting.


The cowboy boots are spectacular! I love cowboy boots and have worn them for years and years. I miss @lolakimono too. She could find anything and was so helpful.Heart


The ruana/scarf still cracks me up from last week. So you mean you are not turning it into a cape and flying like Mighty Mouse? Just kidding.Woman LOL

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...


I think you're right about this week's rework of the cranberry's a very appealing looking outfit. I think the purse works great.


Re: scarves....I have a very short neck and I love wearing scarves. Which means I need thin scarves to give me the color with out the bulk. I have quite few thicker scarves and I think I need to do what you've done and make them thinner. Gotta break out the sewing machine.


Re: your new-to-you boots. I adore boots and have a lot....but not as many as @lolakimono! I hope she is doing well...she was always so considerate. 

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

You look great as always.  I particularly think you look good in that cranberry blouse in the first picture.  That's your color for sure.  As soon as I saw those boots, I immediately thought of @lolakimono.  She had several pairs and these look like something she would wear too.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

@MacDuFF   Your Chicos cranberry blouse looks good with the mid-wash jeans and red accessories. It's a nice autumnal look without screaming "it's autumn!"  
As to your former ruana/shawl which is now a lovely scarf: keep working at it. You will get it to where you want it. If not, it could be a lovely pocket square. 😁.  
Finally, you are rocking those boots with the biggest smile! (That's the best accessory.) Anyone can see how you love them. The embroidery is amazing artwork.  What a wonderful friend you have to give you those boots. 👢Wear them in good health!

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

Folks, after several of you mentioned a poster, lolakimono, that I realized I hadn't seen that name for quite a while.


I enjoyed her creativity and willingness to help source things people were searching for.


Does anyone know where she is / posts / teaches, etc. ?

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

You pulled the pink, cranberry and red together beautifully in #1!


The red Talbots anorek is my favorite. 

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 9/23/23)...

Looking good! I like your cranberry shirt and red jacket.  


Your cowboy boots are cool. I thought about buying a pair when I was the lead singer in a local country band several years ago. I wore my regular brown or black ankle boots instead because the band members said what I had worked fine with my jeans. 

Have a good week!