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My goodness! I had no idea anyone even read let alone replied to my post.  I expected the Q to let me know with an email/text but they didn't.

I love all your ideas!  I identified personally with a few of you - 'shopping from my own closet', running to mall last minute for a trip item, doing the storage unit shuffle!  LOL

I too have plenty in my closet (!!) but always need a new bathing suit/coverup or something dressy for a particular beachside event.  I hate shopping in stores now, spoiled by the Q.  Love selection and knowing my size will fit me in Kim Gravel and Isaac's clothing.  Very dependable.  

I'm thinking more Isaac Mizrahi's Bridgehampton collection. Seems so classic.  Yes I am super casual on family trips but with business travel you can't be too too relaxed and need to step it up a notch.  I guess that's what was on my mind more than family trips etc.  I just think classic classy resort wear can't be beat!  

My summer things are nice but I like 1-4 special new things too in late Jan - Feb.  Pickings are slim then on the Q for the sharp items. I do hope Isaac and Kim Gravel are listening to us all!!!!!