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Shopaholics: One Day At A Time Thursday, October 20th)

Good Evening!  Another busy day for me.  Hope all of you had a nice Thursday.


Early this morning, the radiology center called to tell me to bring a copy of the doctor's orders for the bone density test I am having tomorrow afternoon.  When I made the appointment, they told me that they would contact the doctor.  Anyway, after much ado I have the order for that test and my mammogram.  I also made it to Walmart and the gym.  Sticker shock at Walmart -- not huge increases on every item, but 30 cents here, a dollar or three there, really add up.


I was able to do the hospice mailings today, but the supplies were not ready as promised.  Hopefully, they will be ready tomorrow morning. 


Jean and her niece are going on a train trip called the Autumn Colors Express this weekend. It goes through the heart of the New River Gorge National Park.  Fingers crossed the weather will be nice and the colors will be beautiful.


Hope that Barbara's daughter made it to Arizona for her visit.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Sleep well everyone.





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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time Thursday, October 20th)

Linda L, I think it shouldn't be up to you to get your appts.  Whenever I have to get a bone density test/mammogram, my Dr. puts in the orders.  On Monday, my neurologist told me to call my hometown clinic to see if I could get my infusion here instead of diving an hour.  I told him to do it as a have an awful time trying to call him back.  It worked out good.  As soon as I got back home, they called me & said that my clinic cannot get the drug that I need.  I am sure Jean will have a fabulous trip if it's anything like our recent road trip.  Spectacular scenery.


It's nice now and supposed to be in the 70's for the next three days.  


It was a busy day here with washing windows.  We started yesterday and hope to get done tomorrow.  Dh was raking/blowing the leaves out to the curb.  The hot tub is a blessing.


Grocery shopping was a lot more expensive and we couldn't find a few things.  I was happy to get strawberries in only one of the grocery stores.


We didn't do the gym this afternoon as we went to see a movie instead, but my strengthening exercises are going well.


We went to the Bargain Spot last week and they had a lot of SG, D & Co. IM & DB all weather coats and blazers for $15-30.  We went back this morning & they even had the DB faux lynx coat with a hood for $35  that I bought 3 years ago w/o a hood for $50. I almost ordered it for my birthday on air for $127.00 plus shpg.  I have no idea how they get these clothes, but it is where I recently bought 7 tops for $2.00 each.  


Hugs to all of you.


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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time Thursday, October 20th)

Glenda @twinny70  I usually have to present the mammogram RX.  That could be because I keep them guessing as far as where I'm going to get the mammogram.  Actually I go to a hospital breast cancer detection center and have for a decade.  



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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time Thursday, October 20th)

You are lucky that your doctor's office would call for you, Glenda.  I called early in the morning, and they never called back.  The same thing happened when I got COVID.  While my doctor is fine, the staff is no good in my opinion.  The Bargain Spot certainly has great prices.