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I am literally up to my ears in clothes in that closet of mine!

going thru it AGAIN!


1 Fit and like.

2 Almost fit and like. 

3 What was I thinking?

4 I never want to wear that again!

5 Too small period. (I did notice that I do not have a too big catagory πŸ˜‚).


Those are the categories. I am cleaning out all of it, every single thing - and I will still have more than enough to wear.


No need to shop for anything for quite sometime. With perhaps exceptions for bras, panties, and socks.


I am going to find a women’s shelter or two and donate all of it. Everything is in perfect shape, some still with tags on them πŸ€—!


Scarfs, hats, shoes, purses are going too - I must have really lost my mind there for

several years thinking I needed more clothes and accessories - because I need nothing except to wear and use the things I already have!!! 


Hope this inspires someone. (Or, at least gave someone a good chuckle.)



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@Camogirl  Major life transformation when we realize the unnecessary quantity of items that we have acquired.  Good work girl, you are going to feel so free as you move through this journeyHeart

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@Camogirl: You have truly inspired me. I'm going to get it done! Smiley Happy

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I think I’ve mentioned this before but I finally have all my clothes in one bedroom (minus the bed). I keep a bag hanging on the closet doorknob for clothes I try on and decide not to keep.  I never look in the bag again and dispose of it when full.


I bought my fair share while working but no longer need everything.

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I'm with you--I have way too many clothes for my current lifestyle.  I love clothes and shoes!  This past year I donated a lot and plan to do more.

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@Camogirl: Well done!


Studies show we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time!


What's left from your purge you will love.

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this is what i do. i keep a box/tote in my bedroom. 

whenever i try something on that is too tight, what was i thinking, ratty looking, faded, or just bugs me for some reason, in the tote it goes. 

i also put in household items or whatever else. when full, off it goes to the donation center. 

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Oh Well....  Enjoy Dear!Smiley Happy


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@Camogirl  OMG!  I feel you!  I live alone in a 6 bedroom house, closets everywhere.  


I've filled up the closets and have clothes hanging from the closet doors.


Two weeks ago one of the racks over the door crashed to the floor (way too heavy).


I just received from Amazon 4 new over the door racks!  


We obsessed people with clothes (well me anyway) am not bragging, I'm embarrassed with this stupid obsession.


I know why I'm like this.  When my husband was alive I only wore jeans and stripped T-Shirts.  He used to beg me to buy myself clothes and I never would.


When he died I decided to never leave the house unless I was dressed like I was going to work (makeup and all).


I've kept that up and it's been about 15 years.  Here's the problem.  I put on weight last summer (who gains weight in the so I had to go up a size in some of the shirts...driving me crazy...


Anyway, I keep saying I'm not going to buy anymore clothes but they're all so pretty.  I like bright colors and designs.


When people tell me I don't look 72 and I say, "That's because I 'paint it up'", I'm not kidding.  I wear bright colorful clothes some would think a young(er) person might wear.  Not weird are tight, just colorful.


Anyway, I loved reading your post.  My friend is like me.  She's a widow too.  We've haven't worked in a long, long time, but we still take care of our clothes.


My daughters never say anything about what I buy or do.  They're just happy I'm happy.....that helps.


I have donated to Goodwill, a Woman's shelter in the area and a lady who just started working (single mom).


I also wear a wig every day.  I just got around to counting them and I have 13 wigs.  They're all the same style and color.  I'm going to donate them to a place that offers them to women loosing their hair from Chemo.


Thanks for your post.  You can't see me, but I'm smiling.


Again, loved your post...and you did help me...kinda..Ha!

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@Camogirl, good for you. It does take a "wakeup" moment to realize how much we have, doesn't it. I've been retired a few years now, but my first year of retired living saw a ton of clothing leaving my house. I still have more than I need but I keep enough so that I can attend any type function without having to go out and purchase something, over again, to be dressed correctly for the ocassion. Good luck in your purge. You will feel really good when it's completed.

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