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What celebrity/famous person is most similar or representive of your fashion style?

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Whoopie Goldberg.  Only because since I retired, I only dress casualy. 

Rarely do I wear a dress/skirt.  I live in my sweats, sweat suits, leggings, etc. 

I know how to "hook them up" when necessary. whistling.gif

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From the "on the street" photos, I think Reese Witherspoon.


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I think maybe Gwyneth Paltrow? Clean, simple clothes and great shoes. Also, while she's not technically a "celebrity", Amal Clooney's blend of street and elegant is close to the way I like to style up.




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I would say Olivia Palermo. I don't do casual dress. She has a similar blend of modern, chic with a vintage vibe. I also like to blend inexpensive items with more high end and she does the same.


I usually go to her style blog and one of her must haves is a Zara leather messenger bag with metal leaf detail that I've had my eye on. So, we seem to have more or less the same taste. 

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Nicole Richie.  

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Amal Clooney hands down

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I honestly don't pay enough attention to celebs/famous people to answer the question. 

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Can't think of anybody

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what the stars wear is not something I strive for. I wear what fits, looks presentable for my age, and what is comfortable.