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My question about spanx is do they roll up? I'm referring to tops and bottoms. Do you have to keep pulling them down? Assuming of course you've ordered the right size and not too small. I cannot be messing with my clothes all day.

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That was going to be my exact question.  I need a shaping garment to wear under a knit dress - much like liquid knit. 


BUT, I can't bear the thought of wearing something that is going to roll down at the waist, leaving a "muffin top" look, or, having the legs ride up to my crotch before the night is over. 


I am convinced that the hollywood starlets who constantly rave about Spanx have them specially made for them. 

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@decbabe wrote:

I have tried SPAnX top...bottom...whatever, and I was more uncomfortable with than without...for some reason, they make me look heavier and I'm definately not heavy..although, older I do have a little roll here and there.  I can honestly say, I looked better without, than with.



Unfortunately decbabe I've had the same experience with the one time I tried them. I really needed something for a dress I was wearing to a wedding.  I ended up wearing panty hose with the compression type panty.  The Spanx made me look heavier and  when they rolled down at the waist, gave me a muffin top to die for. Smiley LOL