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I just can't imagine wearing one of these.


A girdle was one thing but these; I would feel like I couldn't breathe and it reminds me of the corsets women used to wear to make their waists 18 inches!


Of course I've never worn one so I don't really know.


If I thought I needed one, I would just wear a bigger top. The tops I have that have shrunk some, and might show, gasp! more than a 34-24-34 (which I'm not!) I just would think, well that's ok, not ideal but alright.


Anyone else? Have you worn them and been able to be at all comfortable?

I know a lot of people actually do wear them all the time.


All the uncomfortable things we do -plastic surgery, false eyelashes, even tatoos, I could go on, for "beauty."


And its funny because one of the people I admire most, Dolly Parton, I love how she looks and also admire everything about her,

yet would never do anything she does, to get myself the way she looks.


Maybe its because I don't want any unnecessary pain and that includes sitting in chairs for hours for hair, manicures, massages, cosmetic surgery or procedures.

Yet I always totally admire people who dress "to the nines" and look so put together.

Go figure🤔


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I wore them when they first came out, but they can get pretty clammy here, especially if you try to wear them in the summer. Even when I wore them, I used them more to smooth things out, not for compression. I’ve still got them downstairs somewhere, but I can’t remember the last time I wore one.

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I love that thin Spanx - have had it for over a year and just ordered another one.    Might even go back and order another color!


It's not restrictive like a true shaper, but it does smooth and contain a bit; also even  here in southern Florida's heat and humidity I have not found it to be a problem.

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That's because you don't any idea at all about what Spanx really.  Something strange is going around in your head about Spanx.  It seems to be a generational thing.  Like I don't know what a girdle was or what it felt like to wear one.  Spanx are neither tight, restricting, painful or any of the other things you imagine....if....a woman buys the right size.  You know they do come in sizes, don't you?   I acutually go up a size when I buy Spanx.  My size 6 daughter does the same thing.   Spanx and other things like that aren't meant to give anyone 22 inch waist.  They are meant' to smooth out the lumps and ripples and bumps that almost every woman has.  They keep the jiggles from jiggling.  Some women don't want to swathe themselves in big clothes to hide the things they they want hidden.  Spanx just give women who want it a smoother look in their clothes.   I get it, you are one of those women who only wants to be clean and relative neat, look nice isn't important to you.  Weird that you think everything connected to looking good is painful.  Very weird.  

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I like my Spanx and wear them almost daily.  Them meaning the camisoles I have bought on the Spanx website.  They are actually comfortable and breathable, much better than the older pieces.  I do wear the panties if I wear something a bit snug.  I am not overweight but am not as toned as I once was and it gives me more confidence.  I feel like I look good and if somebody hugs me I feel toned to them, my little secret!!!

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Honestly think compressing the body for long periods of time (barring compression socks) is unhealthy.

When trying on clothes that look unflattering to my body, I go up a size or two.

I can move freely about and not have it on my mind all day that what I'm wearing is my every thought.

My clothing size tag is not visible to anyone but me.

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@ChicagosuburbangirlThe thin Spanx I love do NOT compress, do not bind.  They don't leave the slightest impression on my body when I remove them, but there's no doubt that on me they improve the appearance of many of my tops.


I can't speak for any of the other versions, but I see no way these smoothers can be a health problem.


Although I haven't worn them in years, I remember the marks knee socks used to leave on my upper calves, and the painful experience I had with doctor-prescribed support hose!   

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I've always heard you go up a size as @Chrystaltree said.

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Of course they compress.

What else does smoothing mean? Redistribution of flesh?

Science and logic apply.



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Spanx are nothing like a girdle. The material is soft and smooth. There are just some clothes that look better with Spanx.


Now women don't wear pantyhose as much (those smooth) Spanx takes the place of that smoothing.