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I've told my "spanx story" before.


When they first came to QVC, I bought a briefer/shaper that came down about mid thigh.  I ordered the correct size ... tried it on when it arrive and it felt comfortable.


So - next day I decide to wear it to work.  About mid-morning it felt like I had a tourniquet around each thigh.  I HAD to get it off!  So - into the ladies room with a pair of scissors and cut the horrible thing off my body.


I don't care what anyone says about Spanx ... never again on my body!


Sheer Energy pantyhose are all the smoothing I need under pants.

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Years ago I wore the foot less spanx.  I still have many pairs  brand new and unopened.  On occasion wear I them with pants and crop pants  to really look smooth.  They are very comfortable.  Now retired, the occasions are far and few between!

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I don't find them to be uncomfortable. They are sized smaller, so I think most women have to go up a size.


I also love Spanx tights. The footless pantyhose are awesome.

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I sometimes wear Spanx when fabric is clingy.  I don't find it to be uncomfortable at all.  I've wore it in summer (I live in the desert) and was not uncomfortable.  Of course I wasn't in the sun digging ditches.

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

Years ago I wore the foot less spanx.  I still have many pairs  brand new and unopened.  On occasion wear I them with pants and crop pants  to really look smooth.  They are very comfortable.  Now retired, the occasions are far and few between!


       Me too!  When I was working in the office, depending on what I waw wearing, I would wear the footless capris length Spanx.  I always went up a size from what the package says so they were always comfortable.   Someone talked about the legs rolling up and that is why I wore the capris length.  I fully admit, I have FULL thighs.  I know that.  I'm an adult and my common sense told me that the thigh length ones would roll up on my thick thighs.  Spanx makes a style for every woman.  But now I work remotely from my home office and leggings, thick sox and sweaters/sweat shirts are my "work clothes".  Off hours, I dress in jeans or leggings and boots so I rarely wear my Spanx.  I have several unopened packages in my drawer, ready to go when I need them for for special occasion clothes.

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For me, I think the KEY To Spanx is wearing one size higher than the chart.  FOR me, I leave the house at 6:50 am and get home 12 hours later.


SO the more comfortable the fit the better it is for me.


Spanx to me, make me look firmer and not shake so much when I move and walk. I look better in my clothes especially liquid knit, silky type clothes.



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I have tried SPAnX top...bottom...whatever, and I was more uncomfortable with than without...for some reason, they make me look heavier and I'm definately not heavy..although, older I do have a little roll here and there.  I can honestly say, I looked better without, than with.


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@Chrystaltree -

I'm laughing cause now that was a weird reply.No need to get so insulted over my opinion. Or try to insult by implying I'm older than you, not that that matters any. No I actually studied costume history,and did make-up application, thus the Scarlet O'hara, 22" waist era. I didn't mean Spanx is supposed to do the same thing just that it looks uncomfortable.

Ok I get it, you like spanx.

You're right I've never tried them.

 I like to look just as good as you probably do.I like to wear jewelry and dresses, pretty clothes and shoes. I love for my daughter to do my hair.

I like to dress up but it is always not as comfortable as when I'm wearing more comfortable casual everyday clothes that can still look nice.

No need to roll out the snark here-that is what is weird.

I've never been rude to you.I've hearted and appreciated many of your posts. Why sound so resentful?

"people are strange, when you're a stranger"

(Thanks Beatles, though older than me I like them -they are appreciated by so many different age groups)

You like spanx, more power to you. You'll look just as good whether I like them or not.

I hope we can at least remain cordial since we both are around here. I really didn't mean to insult anyone. My daughter wears spanx.

I was just curious what people thought and appreciated all the viewpoints.



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I bought the Spanx thigh slimmer in a nude color when it first came out. I basically purchased it so I could wear an ivory slim skirt I owned with more confidence. I wouldn’t wear that skirt without it. I really liked the way it smoothed out my upper thighs. It felt snug but I could wear it all day at work without an issue.


I do not own any Spanx currently. There isn’t anything in my wardrobe that requires it. I have not tried their slimming tops or full length leg shapers. 

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@on the bay 

I’ve never tried them, but the last couple of years I’m thinking I need to smooth things out in the middle. So I might give them a try.