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I can see reviews on most items. I can also see some have been deleted. If all the reviews are gone I am not buying. There has to be a reason they were deleted!

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@DAD   I haven't run across any deleted reviews but if you're having trouble accessing them, you need to change browsers at least temporarily.  This often clears up the problem.

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Sometimes reviews are on page two of the item.  There is a one liner you can click on to take you to reviews on page two.  You kinda have to look for it but I believe it is in bold type near but not at the bottom.

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The way to "see" the reviews is if you click on the item when browsing.   IF you want to go back and read the reviews on something in your wish list or that is in your cart you need to copy and paste (or just type) the item number in the search bar.  I've found that out.  Don't know why but you will see the stars but not the actual reviews when you just click on the item in your wish list or click on an item in your cart or "saved items" list.  The reviews are not deleted.  QVC does not delete reviews.  It just depends on how you got to the item.  And yes sometimes they are way down on the page or take a few minutes to load.  I've found the way to always have the reviews come up is to put the item number in the QVC search bar.  So if you're on an item and don't see them put the item number in the search bar and bring it up again.  You will see them.  

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I see reviews for most items. It was a Belle primetime sweater last night that reviews had been deleted. Many items I have looked at have taken many reviews down. I looked at them before & sometimes there were many pages of reviews. They were not good! I passed. If an item has been sold for two years & there's no reviews there's a reason. I guess I was bored & I just wanted to look. I don't need anything. I am going to QVC to see if two returns havebeen processed. Three weeks & nothing. I just want my refunds. QVC does get your order out right away now. Refunds or exchanges take forever. 

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As @Kachina624 said, it is your browser issue probably.


I switched from Microsoft to Firefox and can see every single review no problem.  No more of that clicking below for Page 2 or anything.  So many current browsers are obsolete.



When posts or threads are deleted on these boards, the Mods indicate that and sometimes a reason.


There has never been a posting that states a Review has been deleted.


You are making a assumption looking for a conspiracy maybe!  LOL


Give us the item number and we can see if the reviews are on our computers.



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I have to agree that it is my browser. I'm on a Mac Safari browser. If I restart my computer I can see the reviews. I'm going to download Chrome and I bet I won't have the missing reviews problem any more. Not sure why this only happens on the Q website. 

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I do think QVC makes some reviews unavailable at times.  I understand some of you won't agree, but I shop the website a lot (too much), so I have seen a difference between a malfunction and the temporary unavailability of reviews.  If it was a malfunction, why not just fix it?  Sometimes they give the product a new number to get rid of the reviews.  I have seen this in beauty.  I can usually find the discontinued number to see the reviews.