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They're not unlike the envelop waist jeans I wore in the high school in the late 80's.

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$595 at Nordstrom, 100% cotton, Made in Italy.


Crossover jeans....there you go.

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They are novelty jeans. That's all.  I don't like them but what I really don't like is the price.  Even if I was rich, I would not pay $450 for jeans.

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Well she certainly can afford them , not that they do anything for her just make her look chubby and odd! . I wouldn't be caught dead in them😁 Her place in Italy is beautiful , but she refers to it way too much . Everything she cooks now is somehow referred to as what she makes at there house in Italy. And I haven't even watched daily so don't know really how often she refers to it🤔 I don't know if anyone else ever noticed , but whenever a quest is on cooking she will either explain everything they are doing or repeat every word the quest says about the recipe. Let that person tell us about there recipe geez! It's like she can't help herself or doesn't want to be shown up or something . She is also kind of mean and bossy with John, then I think she catches herself and covers up and is then sweet to him. I'd hate to be married to her . I like her sister wish she would be on more . She seems very sweet . I enjoy her sweet recipes.
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@geegerbee  I would prefer a Lee or Levi jean to these any day!

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I wouldn't mind the crossover look if they weren't so baggy and sloppy.  They do look better than the inapproperiate painted on jeans that show EVERYTHING.





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@4kitties wrote:

Think I will be sticking with my good old traditional jeans..........

@4kitties   Me too.  I'll stick with my Democracy jeans.  Classic fit...reasonably priced...always look nice.  

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These jeans are not attractive or figure flattering....especially for her figure.  She has continued to gain weight over the years and started to look frumpy and sloppy. 

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Fashion, Clothes, Style, Outfits and Wardrobe worn on TV ...

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I would have to be paid $500 to wear those and then I wouldn't leave my house in them. The " designers" are laughing all the way to the bank.

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