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Re: Rachael Ray's Jeans

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There seems to be much criticism for Rachel Ray...her hair, her attire, her often talking about her home in Italy. Proof that we all formulate opinions of others.


As an aside from her appearance, I think Rachel is a philanthropic soul. Justin Sutherland, Iron Chef and Twin Cities restauranteur, was in a very serious boating accident this past summer.


Sadly Justin did not have insurance to cover his medical expenses and friends and family created a Go Fund Me account. Rachel gave handsomely.


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I usually see the beginning of her show then switch to Judge Judy.  To me she always looks sloppy, I would never buy from her line.

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The clothes she wears don't look good on her body type to me, but my dogs like her food. 

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Those jeans look horrible on Rachael her style sense is terrible for

her body.. She does not know how to dress, especially on TV...