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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS - Week of March 3rd

Linda, I hope your hospice visit went well.  It waswas at least 50° and sunny today.


I hope you didn't overdo the cleaning, Barbara. You've had such a rough couple of days and as you said your brother won't notice. Just enjoy his visit.


I came home to find R at the kitchen table trying to put his old earpieces on his new glasses. Smh. It wasn't working as it wouldn't line up. Then he couldn't get the original earpieces on. We dashed up to Wal-Mart and they attached them and adjusted his glasses at no charge.


Tip is reaching more things. She grabbed a package of tea bags and was literally dancing around with them. I took it from her then found her chewing a tea bag. I got that out of her mouth. Ay yi yi.