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Lisa Rinna's fashions should be pulled after the nasty comments made towards her fans & customers. Not everyone can be bone thin as she is and obviously she doesn't want heavy people wearing her clothing line anyway.  Disappointing. 

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This was brought up a few years ago and nothing was done.  She’s obnoxious and gets paid for it. 

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@LucyJohnsWe each get to choose, so speak with your money.


I wouldn't even know if Lisa is still speaking as you say because I don't watch what I don't intend to buy.


BTW-  When I was a 1X 3 years ago, I would not have chosen her fashions, and now I'm a size 10 and I still don't care for them.  I don't ask that my likes determine what others can buy though.  I'm not that important.


Some designers make their disdain for those of us who don't have model perfect figures apparent in ways much more subtle than speaking out.  I avoid them, too.

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Apples to oranges.  Her fashions are fashions and has nothing to do with her comments.  Of course you have the option to not buy.  And her fashions go up to size 3X.

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@LucyJohns  We have all regretted things we have said.She might have a weight obsession but that is her problem to deal with.You can just not purchase from her if she offends you.We do have a problem with weight in this country causing many health problems even with the young people.The news story tonight was about that very topic.

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Isn't her one daughter suffering from an eating disorder in order to stay thin! I don't know what LR said to tick people off, but that's how she rolls when it comes to weight. I would not buy anything she is selling just because of how she comes across on air. If people love her fashions that much that they ignore what she says, well that isn't anything new in the current environment. 

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True about one of her daughters.  Lisa and her daughter were talking about it on RHOBH.  They showed pictures of her daughter when she was terribly thin.  Her daughter realized she had a problem, got help and now wants to help others. 

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I vote with my wallet. Personally I think what Martha Stewart did and what Ellen Degeneres said we’re just as bad. So I don’t buy from them. I do think that they shouldn’t have to stop selling tho. 

Wrong is still wrong just because you benefited from it.
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i don't know what she said but she spends most of her time selling banded bottom sweatpants style that were popular in the 80s.  i don't like them and have never seen anyone anywhere who dresses like that.  i guess if you are thin, you look good in them, but you would look good in regular clothes too.  so no need to pay attention to her.  i don't watch her show or on qvc unless she pops up in am style or similar show.

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I don't watch those Housewives shows so I don't what she said or didn't say about larger women.  It was years ago and it's been beat to death on this board.  She's a business woman who sells the complete range of sizes here so, I beg to differ, she most certainly DOES want plus size women in her clothes.  I'm an XL and Rinna is one of my go-to designers here because the fit of her clothes works for my figure and for my lifestyle.  I particularly like her joggers.