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Are you sure it isn't an April Fool joke?

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Does anybody know what the TSV price will be?
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Price is $36.12
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Nope not for me. Not at all, too fussy.
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I don't buy QF but I think this is cute and something new and different.

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I think it's cute! I like the scalloped edge.

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Thank you, but no...

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On 3/22/2015 Matty6 said:

A skort...? Nope not my cop of tea . Rather wear capris, crops and peddle pushers in the summer and spring season. But, not Quaker factory. I have a couple of her t-shirts and I have to go down two sizes for it to fit correctly. This clothing runs very large. [at least for me].

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I woke up in the middle of the night and turned on TV to one of the presentations of the skort.

I heard Alberti say you need to handwash and hang to dry this item because of the bling & scalloped edge.

I have other skorts from Graver & Denim & Co and like those so I'll pass on these.

I'm in the not buying from QVC mode since I'm not taking chances on their inconsistent fit issues.

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Sure do not understand all the negative comments. If you don't like what's on simply change the channel.