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I have some that I hold back for vacation and some nicer I use for work and layering for lunch with a friend.  We got an especially nice one this year with the prettiest neckline and one inch facing I've ever seen.  I bought about 5 of the 7 colors!  A stripe I didn't like and a chestnut (that will turn me green!Smiley Happy

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Re: Overrun with Tees!

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I have 3 drawers of tees. I hang up my newer and nicer tees in my closet. Most of mine are from Kohl’s or Macy’s. 

I just counted & my tee collection is 47! 😱


Drawer 1 - Short sleeve tees in solid colors and prints


Drawer 2 - Long sleeve white tees for layering under v-neck sweaters in the cold weather. Other solid color long sleeve tees in the same drawer. 


Drawer 3 - More long sleeve tees in white & short sleeve white tees I wear around the house in the summer with shorts.

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i have way too many to count and yes i Love collecting tshirts myself. I wear them to bed, to lounge in, under fleece, under coats and everything else in between. I buy them from where ever i find a good material. I also buy tshirts as souvenir when we travel. My husband is the same. We just recently moved and were astonished at how many kept coming out of our closet. 


I fold mine and and store them on our closet shelf because hanging them would take over the entire storage space in the closet.  

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